Emergency Workers

The State of Washington utilizes a program known as the Emergency Worker Program (WAC 118-04) to protect volunteers during Search and Rescue (SAR) activities.  This program is administered by your local Emergency Management entity and provides coverage for personal injury and damaged property to the volunteer.  To be covered, a volunteer must be registered as an emergency worker with a county within Washington State.  The preference is to have people registered prior to an incident (this ensures all paperwork is in place, including a background check).  When specialized personnel are needed, which are not already registered, provisions can be made to register them at the scene.  While this is possible, every attempt will be made to use volunteers which are already registered.

Questions and Answers:

Question:  I am a member of the Okanogan County Sheriff's SAR team, do I need to be an emergency worker?
Answer:  Yes.  If you participate in SAR operations, you need to become a registered Emergency Worker.

Question:  I have already completed my Okanogan County Sheriff's SAR Application.  Do I need to complete more paperwork to become a registered Emergency Worker?
Answer:  Yes.  It requires completion of a state form.  It is real quick and only takes two minutes to fill out.

Question:  I was used on a SAR and used a lot of fuel.  Can I get that reimbursed?
Answer:  Possibly.  There is a high likelihood that you can be reimbursed.  Contact Okanogan County SAR Coordinator to find out (509-422-7204).

Question:  I lost some of my personal equipment on a SAR.  Is that reimbursable?
Answer:  Yes.  If it was your personal equipment and it was lost on a SAR with a state mission number, then the chances are it can be reimbursed.  Contact Okanogan County SAR Coordinator to find out (509-422-7204).

Question:  I am a volunteer, do I need to pass the NIMS Course?
Answer:  Yes, you must complete IS-700, NIMS, An Introduction and ICS-100, Introduction to ICS.  Deadline September 30, 2007.

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